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Material Handling Equipment:


Here at American Custom Lifts we offer a wide variety of standard and custom material handling equipment to fit virtually any need. Our equipment offerings include scissor lifts, turntables, tilters, platform lifts, freight lifts, bascule bridges, dock lifts, truck levelers, portable stacker lifts, vertical reciprocating conveyers, sidewalk lifts and much more. We also offer technical assistance and specially designed lifts for specific customer requirements. Our associates, distributors and representatives are experienced in providing custom lift solutions, service and installation.

American Custom Lifts offers the highest quality material handling lifts for many industries, including government agencies, major automobile manufacturers, aerospace companies, food and drug stores, warehouse and distribution centers—to list a few. Whatever your situation, we will meet your lifting needs.

About Material Handling

Material handling is all about logistics and problem solving. With the appropriate lifting equipment your business can increase control costs and maximize productivity. Material handling systems range from simple to complex. Whether you need to distribute, control, move, load or unload your products, American Custom Lifts has the solution.

Our lifting systems help to automate repetitive tasks that if done manually can cause physical injuries and fatigue in your employees. Our lifting systems also improves the accessibility of products to minimize bending, twisting reaching and walking. By reducing these injuries our labor-saving equipment can make your workplace safer and far more productive. American Custom Lifts provide versatile ergonomic solutions for virtually any material handling need.

American Custom Lifts products are manufactured by the world's largest manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment. We have innovative products designed to improve worker productivity and safety through the practical application of ergonomics. Our product line includes the following: scissor lift tables (hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical), portable lift tables, low height lift tables, container/basket tilters, pallet loaders, turntables, work stations, and roll and coil cars.

These products are sold under some of the industry's most recognized brand names; including Dandy Lift & Leveler, PalletPal, EZ Reach, and Floor Height Lifts. In addition to new product development and improvement of existing product lines, American Custom Lifts engineering department is always available to assist customers who have unusual requirements for special applications.

American Custom Lifts is a recognized as the leader in the material handling equipment industry with the most comprehensive offering of standard and customized products which lifts, turns, tilts or transports loads of any size and configuration. Our products are designed for a wide range of clients and industries including light and aerospace, heavy manufacturing, food and chemical processing, distribution, truck loading/unloading and ergonomic applications such as , assembly lines, pallet build-up and break-down, and inspection stations.
American Custom Lifts is committed to be a solutions provider. We have stayed true to our commitment and we continue to differentiate ourselves in the material handling equipment industry by offering engineered solutions that are tailored to a client's specific needs.

The material handling/ergonomic engineers at American Custom Lifts get involved with each custom project working alongside our client's and/or re-sellers to fully understand their application and gathering the appropriate technical review teams together to find solutions, then test and deliver a high-quality lifting system as promised.
American Custom Lifts products include freight lifts, scissors lift platforms and scissor lift tables, vertical reciprocating conveyors, low profile pallet lifts, tilters, turn tables, bascule bridges, ram lifts, air bag lifts, dock scissor lifts, truck levelers, work platforms, and many other custom lifting solutions.

What We Offer

There are many different ways of handling materials which American Custom Lifts has classified according to the type of equipment used:

Inplant: We provide high capacity inplant material handling equipment such as scissor lifts, lift tables, work platforms, tilters, platform ram lifts, turntables, and precision mechanical lifts.
High Travel Products: We offer a diverse product line of high travel products, including vertical reciprocating conveyors lifts as a method of conveying product to a mezzanine or multiple level of a facility or as an alternative to a freight elevator. This includes mechanical and hydraulic freight lifts, platform ram lifts, and double pantograph lifts in a wide range of load patterns, capacities, and travels.
Dock Products: Our material handling solutions for dock applications include stationary and portable dock lifts, truck levelers, fork truck lifts, bascule bridges, a variety of scissor lifts, and vertical ram hydraulic lifts.
Portable Stacker Lifts: We meet a variety of portable stacker needs with battery and manual stackers, pallet stackers and ergonomic work positioners.
Pallet Pal Lifts: Our family of Pallet Pal lifts includes spring actuated and pneumatic lifts, stretch wrappers, rotators and inverters and our highly valuable Backsaver stainless steel lift.
Sidewalk Lifts: We are the country's largest manufacturer of sidewalk elevators, including electric and hydraulic models and types with safety screens.